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The Cook's Incense Offering Verse

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      The incense offering made by the cook in our temples, when the food is cooked and ready to be taken out and served:

      (Holding incense)

      We dedicate the merit
      Of this incense offering
      To the Guardian of Fire
      Lord of the kitchen
      That he may protect the Buddha Way
      And set our minds at ease

      May all the Buddhas bless this food
      To nourish the Bodhisattvas, Worthy Ones,
      Stream Enterers and Seekers after Truth
      Like the Nectar of the Dharma Flower

      Homage to the Buddha
      Homage to the Dharma
      Homage to the Sangha

      (Incense is given to the kitchen assistant or retreat attendee – if there – who bows and places it in the offering bowl. Cook and assistant bow to each other at the handing over of the incense and all who are present bow, following the offering being placed in the offering bowl.)


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      What a lovely verse.

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