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Summer plans

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      As Dharmavidya said, enlightened beings spread goodness in all directions. And Buddhas don’t get tired when they are doing that. Or maybe I should say celestial Buddhas don’t get tired? There’s a memorable moment in the Sutras where Buddha Shakyamuni – in his later years – describes himself as strapped together like an ox cart that has been broken and mended many times, and tells Ananada not to bring him any more visitors. We all need a break sometimes!

      Next week Satya and I are heading down to Brighton with Aiko, for a few days, and at the end of August we’ve got a week booked in a little cottage in the countryside.

      Let me know *your* summer plans!

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      Ooh, I like this topic! Getting proper rest is one of the things I’m getting better at as I get older, and I can see it benefiting not just me but other people as well. I’m very much looking forward to our first holidays with Aiko, and also slightly apprehensive about how it’ll be to manage her – we’ll let you know!

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      Ian and me will take a break at some point. We’re busy attempting to move house at the moment. There’s Malvern Pride and choir in the midst of this which will be a nice interlude. Otherwise, we’ll try and see the sea for a few days before the end of August. I’ll continue to garden both outside with plants and in my hymn book as we go on. Namo Amida Bu.

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      I’ll be making most of any good wheather to work and earn and secretley wish for another long late summer like last year as makes winter shorter. Will be off to small town Spain  with family to hook up with some friends and hopefully visit the castle of el cid. Already loading up my kindle for the holiday reading  which will include a bit of Sufism especially Ibn Arabi  as strangely I feel from a pure land practicioner  position I understand  and relate more deeply to the writings and in turn strangely clarifies  and deepens my nembutsu practice , dikhir and nembutsu practically the same .Also hopefully finally getting in to studio to do some more recording.

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      Steve Durham

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m a little hesitant to reply — to take up space — since I’m generally so inactive here (but always thinking of you all).  I’m hard at work on a novel of historical fiction, and I anticipate the final edits and read-throughs will take me the rest of the summer.  Then I may try a few letters of inquiry to publishers, but probably will self-publish.  Vastly fewer people will ever see it, but IMHO that’s an agreeable price to pay for retaining full artistic control.  Otherwise we’ll be trying to stay ahead of the Chicago summer heat, which so far hasn’t been too bad.  Namo Amida Bu _/\_</p>

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      Good luck with your writing project Steve, and ALWAYS good to hear from you, however infrequent. Ken – do you have any book recommendations re Ibn Arabi? I’ve been drawn to him for a long time!

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      Hi Satya . I would say the universal tree and the four birds by Jaffray Angela and  the tree of being , an ode to the  perfect man

      also on you tube check Sufi garden for talks by rober Darr and also the website for the Ibn Arabi society and also their YouTube channel.

      Its amazing how words in the right order reach into one .






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      Ps and bewildered  translated by Micheal sells , bit more contemporary

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      Thanks Ken, I’m off to Amazon!

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