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Sky kiss

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      Early mornings used to be All Mine. I wake before Kaspa to the luxury of choosing what to plant in a golden hour – playing in my journal, reading books that light me up, or giving my tight muscles the gift of stretching.

      Now I am on morning duty with Aiko. After taking her to her toilet spot in the garden and getting the bunnies up, we hang out together.

      I struggled to keep her from leaving teeth marks all over things I didn’t want to be chewed in my office. This week I’ve started taking my mala and a book into the garden alcove instead. Aiko can dart around smelling things (she loves to rub her face in fox urine!) or play with her furry bee.

      This morning she settled on my lap with a chew as I chanted. The sky kissed us both and my body smiled back.

      When we encounter the Other, whether in the shape of a child or a song or a spiritual teacher or a puppy, we are given a chance to open up to something new.

      It has been painful to let go of some of the things that kept me safe before Aiko arrived. The surprise is that they weren’t just keeping me safe, they were also keeping me inside – stifled, narrow, nervous of letting go. As I let go of these shrouds of protection, I find jewels sparkling between the layers.

      There are always more shrouds to peel off. There are always jewels.


      This is my weekly ‘Letter from Satya’ written, as always, with love.

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