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      shrineAs we continue in quarantine, I’m interested to hear how people are getting on with a home practice – did you have one before? Has it been possible recently? What’s helping? What’s not? Also, it’d be lovely to see pictures of your Buddhas or home shrines. Here’s mine to start us off. I’ve found that doing a mala’s worth of nembutsu every morning works well for me – keeping it really simple, and plugging into the Buddha before I do anything else. I have been doing some sitting meditation but that was never my strong point… it’s also been lovely to connect with people on Wednesday nights on Zoom, especially as they’re now sangha members from around the world. I look forward to seeing your pics/hearing from you!

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      Hi Satya, I do hope you and Kaspa are well? This is my Shrine area, it has changed a few times in the last year, perhaps reflecting my alternating mind in terms of my faith. The realisation of my Bombu nature seems more and more apparent and with that there appears to be an opening up. Strangely considering my analytical and questioning mind I find myself realising that in order to surrender / release/ open, all words for a similar movement, it seems apparent that for me Amida needs to be a “real” (not impersonal to me ) spiritual being that I can have a relationship with. ( I have struggled with this for sometime) It seems quite surreal to read that back but indeed it is true.

      I continue to see some clients online and by Zoom which is helping me to feel of some use. I am connecting to my own vulnerability as this time creates a sense of magnification on my own pattens and needs.

      I often feel that I would like a more fluid an immediate contact with other members, I have found some Watts App groups to be very helpful. Is this something that could be done in the future?

      Wishing everyone well, lets hope everyone falls in love with the world again, when we are free to roam!

      Namo Amida Bu ! 🙂🙏🏻








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      Vajrapala Moerman

      Shrine in La Colline éclairée at Vajra's

      Thank you for your request.

      Here is the shrine in our living-room ‘shrine-room’, gather-room ….

      I begin the day with exercices , amongst which prostrations, some yoga, etc…. this for 40 minutes, there after, Daniël – my parter – and I have 20 minutes of silent meditation together, for me this means silent nembutsu + prayers for the ill, the sick, the family and friends, the sangha and for mother earth. Before every meal we have our prayers and after the meals I do regularly walking  nembutsu outside in the garden or inside around the Buddha.

      This is my/our daily practice.

      Very grateful to be able to have those good rituals as foundation of our day and our live! Very grateful to be member of Amida Shu and to have met a wise and compassionate teacher. Namo Amida Bu


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      Vajrapala Moerman

      As usual since years we begin our day with exercices of all kinds – for me – included prostrations  and some yoga, after that Daniël and I do 20 minutes of silent meditation – for me this is the moment to do nembutsu with the mala included breathing in and out. After that we have breakfast with before that meal-time-prayer. All this rutuals help very much to begin the day in een good motivated mood. With the crisis in the world I do some prayers for the sick, the old, the family, friends and the sangha, praying to let the light come in their days, that they find support and peace. Also prayers for the earth as she is now so ill by human interventions. After meals I do nembutsu-walk outdoors or indoors. In my garden there are much Buddha’s who help me to concentrate, which is not easy in the garden as I see all kinds of things along my walking-path. Now I begin to see those ‘things’ as included in my nembutsu : grateful for all there is – flowers, trees, pathways, birds, sun, moon, …….’ Before every meal during the day we do prayers. This are the daily practice-rituals which I really cherish very much. I will try to include here some of the Buddha’s of our garden and the shrines in our house. Thank you, Namo Amida BuBuddha in the south of the house

      Amida Buddha in the west side

      Buddha in the east side

      Buddha at the front door in the summer

      Buddha sitting in the North side

      Buddha in the middle

      Buddha in the little wood


      Buddha sitting by my office

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