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Saying Grace before Meals

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      Here are a few of the mealtime prayers that we use. Please add more in the comments below this post:


      Infinite benefits bless this breakfast food,

      All beings profit greatly therefrom.

      Since the results are limitless and wonderful,

      The pleasure is ours for eternity.


      This food is the gift of the universe:

      The Earth, the sky, and all sentient beings.

      In this food is much suffering, much joy,

      And much hard work.

      We accept this food to follow the path of practice

      And help all beings everywhere.


      The Buddha invites us to eat in mindfulness,

      Of the food, of the community,

      Of the world around us.

      We pray our mind may not become dull or our attention scattered

      And that we may realise the deep significance of life.


      The first bite is to cut off delusion,

      The second that we may grow in faith,

      The third that we help all sentient beings

      We pray for peace in this temple/household and

      For the cessation of all misfortune


      Namo Amida Bu

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