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    I’d like to introduce my latest cat Claude. I have 6 in total.Claude came from a local rescue centre and we think he’s about 8. He’s an absolute softy and sits with his tongue poking out.

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    Dilys Watson

    He is beautiful!! x

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    Dilys Watson

    This is the most recent photo I have of Mogwai… ‘helping’ me crochet

    He’s poorly at the moment, spending the week in the vets while they operate on him to clear a blockage of crystals in his urethra and also remove stones from his bladder.

    The wonderful head vet has been phoning me with updates, reminding me that this is nobody’s fault and that these things often happen for no reason whatsoever. I’m still thinking about whether it was the food I give him, paint fumes in our newly-colourful house, or could it be stress induced?

    Whatever the cause, he’s in the best place at the moment and I can’t wait to have him back in my bed for cuddles 🙂


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    Poor Mogwai… I hear it’s something that male cats are prone to, do hope he feels better soon must be uncomfortable : ( looks like he’s an expert crochet-er.

    Here are a couple of photos of the temple animals – bunnies Poppet (she’s a recent tripod!) and Peter (the black one, he’s almost blind) and old man cat Fatty (black one) & 5 yr old tabbies Roshi (Tsuki isn’t there but looks a lot like her brother). Many of you will know them! The bunnies are always up for visitors, let me know if you want to come see them with dandelion leaves.

    Fatty & Roshi

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    Poor Mogwai I hope he is feeling better soon. I have a friends cat that was prone to this and is now on special food to prevent further incidents.

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    This is Aslan ( cat no 5) and he is 3 years old. He came to live with us when his elderly owner died. He is currently curled up at the bottom of my bed. He is Very talkative

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    Lucky lotus

    So this is my naughty tortie Lotus . She is 16/17 and came to live me when her owner went into sheltered housing. She is the boss and she keeps my other 5 kitties in order .she has wonderful whiskers and the loudest purr.

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    Lovely Lotus!

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    Our little Misty a five year old miniature Yorkshire terrier.

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    cute 🙂

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    Johnathan Robertson

    Sleepy George

    George on his favorite blanket.

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    Michael Shinyo

    My little buddy, Finn. This is how he greets me when I come home from work. He showed up as a kitten one day. Every evening, about the same time, he would sneak over to our porch. He was very careful not to be seen, going behind bushes and under parked cars. After a few weeks of this, it started to rain and I had to leave for a little bit. I decided to let him in, although it wasn’t his first time in. He had slipped in a few times before. One morning, I had to toss him out three times just trying to get out to go to work. Anyway, I came home to find the little guy sprawled out on a pet pillow. It was Halloween and I decided it was best he just stay in, being a black cat and all. Prior to this, I found out that he was a stray living in a woodpile a couple blocks away. Well, Finn won everybody’s hearts. He follows me everywhere. My little buddy.

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    Cool! Gorgeous pets! I was not previously aware of this wonderful sangha pets thread. Below is my aunt’s beagle, he passed away last summer. However, my aunt’s supportive chanting caused efficacious responses from Amitabha and his rebirth in Pure Land (as per Amida’s vows to accept all sentient beings). Here is the article I wrote about his final moments and the wondrous effects of supportive chanting.


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    Johnathan Robertson


    Bodhi and his ducky. NAB

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    Love the duck!

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    An old picture of Fatty on Kaspa 😉 (hopefully he wont’ mind me posting it……)

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    Jeff Hunter

    A bit of an ethereal take on my two guys!Nimbus and Rigel

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    Jeff Hunter

    Nimbus and his new buddy Rigel


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      Catherine Kerr

      Lovely eyes and such serene expression!

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    • Lilly


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    Catherine Kerr

    Here is Beau, our GSP, and he is a treasureBeau, our German Shorthair pointer

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    Fonz,  27 years old African Gray

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    I’m loving meeting these members of the extended sangha! We have a family service to welcome children – maybe we should consider a pets service… (although I’m not sure how our three would feel about it, especially the dogs!)

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    Satya, I don’t think my parrot would fit in very well lol 😊🐦

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    You could be right 😉

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    So here is Ojo, my young Lhasa Apso, who has decided to help me with weaving @modgala‘s birthday present. Choosing the most expensive yarn, of course! 

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    Beautiful little dog 😊

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    He is, Colin – a sweetie and rather a scamp – Lhasas are full of character!

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    Ian Summers-Noble


    This is our Mickey.  Got him from Dogs Trust at 3 months – he is now 11 years  in the gardenold.  Mum was a Dandy Dinmont, guess dad was Jack Russell – but we think he’s half otter.  Loves water and swimming – streams (“burns” in Scotland), rivers, lochs/lakes, and flings himself into seaside surf.  Has enjoyed the surf from Cornwall to Colonsay in the Hebrides, and the Black Isle in NE Scotland (our holidays are planned around his needs!).  He tolerates the lack of waves at the beaches in the Firth of Forth – but still flings himself with gusto.  He always brings a stone as a souvenir from each trip – we could have a huge cairn of stones in the garden, think he tolerates the small one we’ve filtered out – he treats them as a source for us to chuck and him to chase.

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    Ian Summers-Noble

    sorry for the typo in that message “in the gardenold”?!

    Also didn’t mention our Ripley – a 2 year old + hamster going well-beyond his expected life-span.  He was out in the garden for a perusal tonight – life beyond his cage 🙂

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