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Sangha pets


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      Tell me about your pets – new or old – and share a photo or two if you can!

      Here are our lot – brothers Joe & Smokey with the floppy ears, and Poppet with white (our three-legged bunny). They love each other and are often to be found snuggled up.



      And here’s Fatty and Roshi relaxing in the sun.

      Fatty the black one is nearly 19, and mostly sleeps on our bed and waits for his daily pills which come wrapped in cheese.

      Roshi is the soppy one who is always ready for new visitors – when you stop stroking him, he pats you on the leg to politely ask you to carry on.

      His sister Tsuki is also a temple resident. How did we get to six animals?!

      Now – I want to meet yours!

      (we had a sangha pets thread before but that was a year ago… time for another one…)

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      Sujatin with Ojo

      Here’s my Lhasa Apso, Ojo, visiting the new vegan cafe in Perth

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      SO adorable, that boy. And a good taste in cafes too 😉 Sending him & you love.

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      So here’s stanley(left) and Bentley.Stans a battersea rescue dog and Bentley was a Christmas present 8 years ago. Although they look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths they are quite mischievous. Stanley can’t be let off a lead due to being a Lakeland terrier and his sole preoccupation is too find Foxes rats and squirrels and although he cost is 95 quid from battersea he has cost us £2000 on fence to keep in. Bentley has the delightful habit of creeping up behind you and suddenly letting out a high pitch yap that nearly gives you a coronary. Wouldn’t be without them

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      Lovely to see them Ken, glad you managed to upload the photo!

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