Running Tide 37 ~ Spring 2019: Faith

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    The latest Amida magazine
    including writing by Dharmavidya David Brazier,  Andrew Cheffings, Andrew Nichols, Satya Robyn, Dayamay Dunsby, Colin Mcdougall, Vimalashri Yaakov, Richard Ollier, Kent Nerburn, Jef Jones and Becky Waldron. Editor Robert Waldron

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    I have started reading the new Running Tide (actually I’ve read most of it but had to stop because it is so full of ideas and I needed to take a break to process). I am really enjoying reading it. I think Rob has done a lovely job editing it. I was intrigued what poem I had submitted because I think my buddha mind made the submission while my bombu mind wasn’t looking. I hardly remember writing it but I’m glad I did. I look forward to reading the rest of the magazine once I’ve reflected more on what I’ve read. NAB

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    I’ve forwarded your comment to Rob Andrew – he’ll be chuffed. Yes, so much to chew on! NABx

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