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Reflecting on the Manchester bombing

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      Last night’s bombing in Manchester can provoke all sorts of reactions. It might leave us feeling afraid, angry, sad, or perhaps we just try to bury our head in our own work, or maybe all of these responses come up, or some other mix of feelings.

      It can be shocking to find out that something we thought of as a safe place was not safe at all.

      My thoughts and prayers are with those families directly affected by the explosion, and with everyone who is reeling today and trying to process what has happened.

      It also leaves me with a deep feeling of sadness at the causes and conditions that allow such violence to emerge into the world.

      There will be a time for analysis and examining those causes and conditions, but for the moment it feels important for me to sit and let my heart feel a little broken today.

      When I do that I also notice the light coming in through the cracks; in the form of small acts of kindness, in the form of some of the words that people have shared today, and in the form of a tenderness that emerges from sorrow as I sit quietly today.

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      I feel I hardly want to write anything but I was touched by your mention of tenderness. I wrote a hymn on the train today. I feel reluctant to write it down but you never know it might be useful:


      We are truly foolish beings of blind passion.

      With this realisation

      We become more tender,

      And tenderness is a guiding light.

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      So horrible, so sad, so senseless.  The causes are complicated and complex. There are no easy answers. There is only heart wrenching pain and sorrow.  Namo Amida Bu! Namo Amida Bu! Namo Amida Bu!

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      I agree with you Ananda so sad. Namo Amida Bu

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