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Red lentil dahl

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      500g dried red lentils
      1 1/2 large onions (or two medium ones)
      6-7 large cloves of garlic
      Some ginger (about half the size of a golf ball)
      Cumin seeds
      Coriander seeds
      Black mustard seeds3
      1 Star anise
      Fresh coriander
      Salt & Pepper
      Olive oil

      Finely chop or grate the ginger and crush the garlic, then lightly fry in a small amount of oil. This should be done in your largest pan, as this recipe makes a lot of dahl.

      Once the ginger and garlic has started to cook a bit, add one teaspoon of each of the seeds (slightly crushed) and continue to heat slowly. While these seeds are cooking, quickly chop the onions finely.

      Next, allow the mustard seeds to start to pop. Add the onion and soften slowly, taking care to make sure all of the onions get cooked. Make sure you don’t caramelise them.

      When the onions are cooked, add the lentils and cover with water and add the star anise with lots of salt and pepper. Also optionally and to taste, you can add chili powder (none for me!). Slowly cook up the mix adding water when required (tip, it is worth keeping a kettle full of boiled water for this part). Allow to cook for about 20 minutes.

      As soon as it has been cooking for 20 minutes, the lentils should be soft and starting to dissolve. At this point it is helpful to fish out the star anise and either blend the mixture with a hand blender or mash it using a potato masher, until it has a soft creamy consistency.

      Next get some fresh coriander (about half the amount you get in a medium sized fresh bunch from a supermarket) and mix into the mixture cooking for about another two or three minutes. Yum yum.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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