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    I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing regularly and found these little musings in my phone memo app from the last few years. Here’s some of them. Hope you like them.


    To be alive is to express the fullness of the Universe. To die is to illustrate its primary function, that of transformation.

    We grasp and comprehend the nature of Divinity, but every point in our universe is derived from the physical properties of a metaphysical intersection. A simultaneous scission and reunion, the chemistry of which is the basis for all phenomena.

    My mind glows with inspiration, like a flash in the darkness, when I realise that enlightenment is possible and this whole drama is just the unfolding of awakening.

    Enlightenment is constant exposure to the radiant darkness, an understanding of the potency therein and a constant resolve to convert ignorance into compassion.

    Resistance: If the course of creation proceeds unopposed, it has no effect and is no longer a creative cause. There has to be resistance in order for realization to occur.

    The Crucifix. A symbol describing a spiritual truth; the living Universe nailed to its own ignorance!

    Having committed our lives to the Divine, we relinquish the promises of the world and open up to the cool breeze blowing through the fires of Samsara. Nembutsu! Peace without war…day without night…love without hate. Serene acceptance of the unadulterated truth!

    Judgement is a function of the Self’s need to continuously define itself against the onslaught of multiplicity apparent in the physical world. It is a response to the threat of oblivion posed by Human Unity! It is perpetual division.

    Self is neither here nor there. There is no I. There are only components, the coordination of which collectively correspond to an illusion of Self. In reality each constituent part operates independently of its counterparts in order to form an entity resembling a personality. The result is a consciousness, circulated around functions and faculties which possess no identity.

    …there is no spiritual perfection in this world. No moral highground on which to rest in pride. We’re all subject to the relentless momentum of a collective degeneration and only grace can extract our souls while our bodies grind on towards the end!!


    Namo Amida Bu(   <











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