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    We had our first outing with the Pureland Sangeet Choir yesterday, to the foyer of the Worcester Royal Hospital, to take part in the Chaplaincy’s Diversity Day. 7 of us sang for the first session, 6 for the second. The acoustic was interesting, a bit like a wasps’ nest, and low notes got lost in the general vibrations of the air, but when we sang in two parts something strange happened and we filled the huge space with a layer of uncontested sound. We sang to Buddha and many people stilled and listened for a while. We had made something out-of-the-ordinary cross the space at right-angles to normality. You could either ignore it and walk across it or allow it to redirect you across the now unfamiliar space in a new direction. I hope I can let go sometimes and allow Amida to redirect me in the space of my life, against my fear of the new and unfamiliar. Namo Amida Bu.

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    Namo Amida Bu. It was a privilege to sing these gentle devotional songs in the busy space of the hospital – thank you to Andrew for keeping the ship steady and for reminding us that it doesn’t matter whether anyone heard us or not – we were just singing for Amida.


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    Jan Wizinowich

    How wonderful. The music. The joy.

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    This is a most excellent development!  Thank you all for volunteering your time to adorn Amida’s glorious name with music. I have written two lyrical poems (below) with the hope that someone will eventually adapt them to music. One is a lyrical praise of Pure Land and the other is a Requiem hymn (to comfort those on the verge of death). Thus, if you would like to adapt these for your choir, they are in the Public Domain, so you may do so freely.

    Pure Land Lyrical Hymn
    O boundless the land
    Built by Amida’s hand,
    O splendrous the sky
    Of his fair paradise,
    A beauty to behold,
    A wonder to enjoy,
    An august afterlife
    For the faithfully wise,

    Gleaming with purple
    And paved with gold,
    Groves of lush trees
    Of lapis lazuli leaves,
    Sweet beryl berries,
    And scented petals
    Of agate and crystal,

    A gleaming dominion
    Of glowing pavilions,
    Of lofty resplendence
    And fragrant brilliance,
    Pulling poor souls
    Away from worldly woes
    With a breeze of Bodhi
    And blissful Samadhi!


    Requiem Hymn

    By the Grace of Amitabha,
    You shall transcend the Samsara,
    This mantra is your Sila,
    Your Samadhi, and your Prajna,
    The shield that demons fear,
    The call that all yearn to hear,
    The sword that slices Gordian knot
    Of lustful desire and crushing fraught.
    Thus, with one heart in Him seek,
    Seek rebirth in Ultimate Bliss,
    And save yourself from the abyss
    Of the dismal infernal Naraka
    By resolving for with resolute faith
    The profound Dharma of Amitabha,
    His Forty Eight Vows and Grace!
    Dither not and seek in haste,
    Leap high above cruel Dukkha,
    Beyond evil karma and King Yama,
    To become a Bodhisattva
    Standing atop the lofty Lotus Dais
    Beside Amita Tathagata,
    Beside merciful Avalokitesvara,
    And by the wise Mahathamaprata,
    And at that time your mind will know
    That you have always been Amitabha,
    And your birthright is to enjoy,
    Now and forever, the eternal delight
    Of the Land of Sole and Lasting Light.

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    Thank you, bc1993. I have read through your lyrics. They are beautiful. Quite difficult to set. I’ll have another look in a while. If Amida grants a melody I’ll let you know.


    Namo Amida Bu

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    Hello bc1993. I’ve got something for the first lyric. I need to do some more work on it, then borrow a digital recorder. I may be able to email you something in a few weeks time.


    Namo Amida Bu

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    Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to do this, Andrew ! I am very excited-eagerly looking forward to it!

    Namo Amitabha

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    Hello Brian,

    I have written the melody for the piece now. I will try and find a way to get it to you, but ICT is not my strongest skill. If you don’t mind getting your email to me I can send you an attachment that way- maybe via the administrator of this site?! Who know- a method will materialise-

    Namo Amida Bu!

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