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Pureland Sangeet Choir at Holland House

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      Here we are (above) performing at the Worcestershire Interfaith Vegan Picnic, 2017, performing a Nembutsu chant using the breath to direct the structure. In the first section, we all sing at the same time, the bells symbolising the in-breath. In the second section we use our own, individual in breaths to time our singing of the Nembutsu; again, the bells mark the in breath. In the third section, we each choose one person to work with and come together with. A golden chain of Nembutsu practitioners is formed and we come back together in unison. This was one of a set of 4 pieces we performed at this year’s Worcestershire Diocese Interfaith Vegan Picnic. The sun shone, the Avon flowed, mysteriously and deeply, by, Bredon Hill stood in the distance like a great wave in the landscape. We shared the afternoon’s music making with a Jewish band and a Bahai ensemble among the many faiths gathered there.

      I have put more information about Pureland Sangeet performances here:

      Pureland Sangeet Choir At Worcestershire Interfaith Picnic, 2017


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      Juline Smit

      I love it!

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