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    Post your favourite quotes from Honen, Shinran, Dharmavidya and other Pureland Buddhist teachers below.

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    Buddha is always trying to reach us. That he does not always succeed is because our hearts and minds are closed. They are closed by conceit. Conceit means that we take refuge in ourselves. Being full of ourselves, there is no room for Buddha to get in. ~ Dharmavidya

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    Buddha is always trying to reach us. That he does not always succeed is because our hearts and minds are closed. They are closed by conceit. Conceit means that we take refuge in ourselves. Being full of ourselves, there is no room for Buddha to get in. ~ Dharmavidya

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    The light of wisdom exceeds all measure,
    And every finite living being
    Receives this illumination that is like the dawn,
    So take refuge in Amida, the true and real light.

    ~ Shinran, Jodo Wasan 4

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    The cloud of light is unhindered, like open sky;
    There is nothing that impedes it.
    Every being is nurtured by this light,
    So take refuge in Amida, the one beyond conception.

    Shinran, Jodo Wasan 6

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    It is not simply due to actual benefit that I trust in Tathagata, but also due to another important reason. I trust in Tathagata because I realise that my intellect is limited. Except for the period when I was not serious about life, I always felt a keen desire to enquire into the meaning of my life. As a result of that enquiry, I eventuallly reached the conclusion that the meaning of life is inscrutable. That conclusion has led me to trust in Tathagata. Since not everyone goes through a process of enquiry to arrive at religious conviction, some might contradict me and say that it was not necessary for me to do what I did in order to gain trust in Tathagata. But I disagree. Such a course was necessary for me. In my religious conviction I am now aware of the utter uselessness of my self-efforts. In order to realise this I had to pursue all kinds of intellectual investigations until I finally came to the point where I recognised the utter futility of such efforts. It was an extremely painful process. Before reaching that ultimate point, I thought that at times I had formed some ideas about my religious conviction. but one after another each of those ideas were smashed.Such bitter experiences were unaviodable as long as I sought to establish religious conviction on the basis of logic or scholarly enquiry. After going through such a difficult process, I have come to realise that I cannot define good or evil, truth or untruth, happiness or unhapiness.. Aware of my total ignorance, I have come to entrust all matters to Tathagata. This is the most essential point in my religious conviction.

    ~ Manshi Kiyozawa

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    among all living things
    mountains and rivers,
    grasses and trees,
    even the sounds of blowing winds
    and rising waves –
    there is nothing
    that is not the nembutsu

    ~ Ippen

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    What is the right way of thinking in Shinshu?
    I don’t know it well, but just throw yourself in front of Amida
    Buddha and ask him to do whatever he wants to you.
    This is my faith.
    After that, never have evil thoughts, never do evil things.
    Then you need not recite the Nembutsu in a feigned voice.
    This is the Anjin (Peaceful Mind) of Shinshu.
    Whatever may happen to me, I trust in Amida Buddha

    – Kobayashi Issa

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    Juline Smit

    At ease in goodness

    A noble person does not do good because of willpower. She does it through a combination of, on the one hand, modesty about self, and, on the other hand, faith in a higher purpose, a higher meaning, in powers more potent than self-will. Such a person is not moral through gritted teeth. She is at ease in goodness.

    —David Brazier, “Other Power”

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    How foolish you are,
    grasping the letter of the text and ignoring its intention!
    – Vasubandhu

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    Sentient beings who are mindful of Amida Buddha are like persons who, imbued with incense, bear its fragrance on their bodies; hence, they are called ‘those adorned with the fragrance of light’. ~ Surangama Samadhi Sutra

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    John Welch

    ” He (Amida) recognised that there is a love which does not measure, or ask for anything in return. He recognised that each of us is already lovable, just as we are, and having had this love shone upon him he reflected as much of it as he could back into the world. This is why Buddhism is mystical – because it asks us to place our trust in something that cannot be measured, and that does not measure us, and to be moved by it so that we can love as we are loved by the Buddhas.”

    quoted from Kaspa and Satya’s book, Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings (Kindle Locations 455-459). [from the chapter, Buddhism is a religion by Kaspalita]


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    We all live standing in our own light, gazing at our shadows with our backs to the Supernal Sun of Amida. All we need to do is to turn around in response to his summons, when at once we shall be embraced by his Boundless Light. ~ Harold Stewart

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    “The Buddha Amitabha accepts us just as we are. Actually, this is a great challenge because how many of us are willing to be and present ourselves just as we are? Mostly we spend our time lying and dissimulating and pretending to be something else. But what we pretend to be is not accepted by the Buddha. In fact the Buddha doesn’t even see it. The Buddha only sees us as we are.”

    From one of Dharmavidya’s Vow 22 talks about Vasubandhu’s treatise on the PL – a nice and necessary reminder for me today 🙂

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    Far-reaching is the Light of Compassion;
    Wherever the Light reaches,
    It gives one joy in the Dharma, so says the Buddha.
    Take refuge in the Great Consoler. (Jodo Wasan 8)

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