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      Johnathan Robertson


      Satya wrote a neat post for Meditation from the Tube. In the post she highlighted the challenge of carrying out a chanting practice in public and gave some good suggestions. This is a very relevant issue for those of us who live in urban areas like Baltimore.

      Here in the city, I find myself doing quite a lot of nembutsu in public. In fact, I’m not exactly sure why, but being around others tends to trigger the nembutsu more naturally versus those situations when I’m alone. It could be a possible response to my social anxiety but I like to think that Amida enjoys company.

      When I’m around others, I find that I can easily recite through a whisper or an internal thought as Satya suggests. In Baltimore, it’s socially acceptable for one to sing  to themselves, therefore, setting the nembutsu to a song is also an option.

      I find that practicing nembutsu is very important in a public space. Recitation, when performed in public, brings the spiritual element to spaces that are often considered secular.

      What do you think? What are your views on practicing in public spaces?

Viewing 0 reply threads
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