Our new Buddha arrives in the snow!

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    After our trip to Japan and all the roadside shrines, Kaspa & I felt inspired to look for a Buddha for the front of the temple so people who walk past could get a glimpse of what the Buddha offers us. We found one on ebay, and Paul delivered it to us for free (and helped us get it from the truck to the tree trunk!) as he felt inspired by delivering a Buddha to a temple. It took four men and Paul’s expertise to get him from the truck onto his specially prepared shrine… at one point I thought he was going to go over…

    At midday we went out into the bitter cold & light snow and Kaspa welcomed him to the space – offering incense to the ‘car park Buddha’, and wishing that those who haven’t yet felt his light will receive his blessings. We all chanted ‘Namo Tassa’ and offered an incense stick each. Then, cake. It was a beautiful morning and I feel very, very grateful for all the blessings we receive. He’s your Buddha too. Namo Amida Bu.

    He arrives!

    Ready to move…



    Ready for the blessing

    Offering incense

    Buddha selfie – cold but very happy…

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    Vajrapala Moerman

    Looks great!!!!

    So happy for all who comes to the Amida Mandala temple and all who passes and gets something off the peae and happiness off the Buddha’s by this way.



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    Just enjoying looking at these again 🙂

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