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Origin of the “Celebration of Amida’s Vows”?

Site-Wide Activity Forums Shrine Room Buddhist Q&A Origin of the “Celebration of Amida’s Vows”?

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      Tommy Bradshaw

      Hello everyone

      Apologies if this is covered elsewhere… I looked around but could not find it.

      Out of simple curiosity, I was wondering if anyone might be aware of the origin of “Celebration of Amida’s Vows” from the Nien Fo book (and elsewhere of course!)? Is it original to Amida Shu or does it find its roots in another Pure Land School?

      I’ve been incorporating Amida Shu resources into my own home practice for some time now and this particular part of the liturgy has become a staple in my “liturgical diet”!

      Happy New Year! Namo Amida Bu.

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      It was incorporated at a time when I wasn’t with the sangha – I will ask for you

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      @dharmavidya says, “Jodo Shu”

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      Tommy Bradshaw

      Thank you! Namo Amida Bu!


Viewing 3 reply threads
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