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    Hello petal.

    Yesterday Kaspa & I set off to the river for our sabbath, which we always take on a Monday. It’s been a long week full of people, tasks & complications, as our weeks often are.

    We found a spot by the river where we could read our books, even though it wasn’t perfect, and then we started seeking lunch.

    It was our precious day off, and I wanted the perfect lunch. We were in a not-very-vegan-friendly town, and I am a fussy diner (I prefer to use the word connoisseur). We walked up and down, getting hungrier.

    I have noticed that I often start getting into trouble when I seek the perfect lunch, or the perfect anything. It mostly happens when I am trying to comfort myself, or avoid feeling something – “I’ll be okay if…”.

    It also has the unfortunate effect of narrowing my vision to such an extent that I start missing all sorts of opportunities, gifts and beautiful things.

    We eventually settled on chips, and a roll from a bakery. My roll was stale, and so I gave most of it to the eager ducks and pigeons. The chips were fresh, crisp, salty & delicious. A simple lunch. Perfect.

    Later that evening I was angry, then sad, and then slowly the clouds passed. I walked in the garden, and the universe gifted me this glorious pink-orange rose. How can we say yes to it all?

    Things you might be curious about

    * Can you remember a time when you wanted the perfect something? How did it work out for you?
    * In what areas of your life are you more likely to seek perfection?
    * Why might you be seeking perfection? What might you be covering up or avoiding?
    * How would it be to accept everything the universe offers you?

    Wholeness does not mean perfection – it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life. ~ Parker J Palmer

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