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On Being Busy


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      Amida is always busy

      Always be busy with Amida.

      Make all business Amida Nembutsu


      Be busy with the thought of Amida

      Be courageously busy supported by Amida Light

      Be busy supporting Amida

      Be busy praying for the Pure Land of Amida


      Don’t be late


      Aspirations will come true

      Be busy with doing what you are doing right now in the spirit of nembutsu

      Amida is always busy


      Dharmakara was busy for many kalpas

      Busy with forty eight vows

      Busy giving rise to a Pure Land

      Dharmakara became Amida Buddha by being busy

      Do not waste this precious life.


      Shakyamuni was busy spreading the Dharma

      Busy for the sake of all beings

      Busy bringing the light of Amida

      Busy with all Buddhas in the ten directions

      Always be busy with Shakyamuni


      Be busy serving a myriad Buddhas

      Be busy with nembutsu

      Be busy with joy

      Buddhas are busy

      Busy in our lives

      Busy in the world

      Busy in innumerable worlds

      In innumerable lives

      They are busy with love

      Busy with compassion

      Busy with wisdom

      Praise Amida by serving myriad Buddhas

      Be busy with it always.


      With gratitude for inspiration by Kosen Ishikawa Sensei and Koloa Jodo Mission

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      Namo Amida Bu

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