Nut Roast

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    Ian Summers-Noble

    Thanks Sujatin and Satya for the recipes – look great 🙂

    Have been looking on-line for recipes too…and am now more bewildered!

    Got the ideas…am gonna be radical and creative and not follow a specific recipe (may make 2 or 3)….what my kids refer to as “dad’s experiments”!  Some have been “hits” but some (not many) have been tragic (tho I ate them) … won’t know until I try…. and fun 🙂

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    Ian Summers-Noble

    PS  Will be chanting and trusting in Amida as I create/have fun 🙂

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    Ian Summers-Noble

    Had fun today – have experimented with food and love!

    “Chestnuts!” was the family’s demand….so…onion, leek, chestnut mushrooms, 2 bags of chestnuts, walnuts and herbs (resisted putting chilli in…too experimental and selfish!).  Now melding and solidifying…chunky…a 2lb tin worth!   Sore under my thumbnails…bits of chestnut shell still there (the most challenging bit of the process was breaking open the roasted chestnuts….allow 2 hours and plenty of tolerance for this!).

    On Tuesday our garden bird and squirrel  community is gonna love this 🙂


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