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    namoamidabuThis afternoon Kaspa & I recorded ourselves chanting for a new project we’re working on – ‘Nembutsu: a simple home practice‘.

    We want to make it easier for people who are new to Pureland Buddhism to try out our practice at home, and so we’re in the process of re-writing our website and we’re also going to write a free online course to give people a 30 day taste of the practice.

    We’d be interested in what you think of what we’ve written – would this have been useful to you when you first encountered Amida Shu? Is there anything you think we’ve left out? What would you like to see in the course? Those of you running Home Groups – will this be helpful?

    I’ve received so much from this simple practice. I really want to pass it on…

    Do leave comments here or email to reach both of us.

    Thank you, Namo Amida Bu!

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    Michael Sabani

    This is phenomenal! Exactly what I need to help strengthen my practice.

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    It’s great to have that feedback Michael – any further feedback once you try it out is very welcome. Glad you’re enjoying Qs in the sand too! Namo Amida Bu.

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    I love that simple introduction. I think I can use it in our Leicester Home Group. Listening to the Nembutsu with melody sung in this way was very helpful. I’ve jotted it down. The gaps with the in-breath are particularly powerful to me and I can envisage ways they can let in Amida’s light. A gap is not a gap without something either side of it and what better than the Nembutsu as a container. I feel inspired!

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    Yes, those gaps are important! Really pleased you think it might be helpful for your group Andrew – that was our hope. Watch out for the 30 day course which we’re currently writing…

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    This seems like a good starting point for me. I’m used to meditation/mindfulness of sorts as it has helped me with my anxiety/depression issues. However, the chanting might take a while to get used to…

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    Hi Karen – I’m not sure if you’ve seen the completed course, here: – it’s a free 30 day email course and you can register online. And yes, chanting can take a while for people to get used to, we’re not used to it here in the West. The self-consciousness does wear off if you just keep going… Namo Amida Bu!

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    Nembutsu: a Simple home practice is inspiring.  I wish I had this years ago, but it has definitely strengthened my resolve to practice consistently. I want to thank you for all of your efforts. Also I am really enjoying the 30 days of nembutsu course.  Keep up the brilliant work.

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