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      Shoyo Fernandes

      I was born, baptized and confirmed Catholic. Shortly after my Confirmation, I began to explore different forms of Christianity. After a few failed attempts, I went back to Catholicism. That was nearly 4 years ago. From 2014 onward,  I seriously began exploring different faiths. Hinduism was the first one. I practiced Savism for a few months and eventually went back to Catholicism. I started practicing Buddhism for a little more than a year and it stuck. Sakymuni Buddha influenced my thinking a lot.  His teaching on suffering and egoism and greed struck me. This augmented my Catholic faith. It wasn’t until last year that I discovers the beauty of Amitufo. By this time,  I completely abandoned Catholicism due my sexual orientation and divergent beliefs. I felt empty. I took a leap of faith and started reciting Nianfo when I remembered. Nianfo is now a practice that comes automatically. I feel full and alive thanks to my faith in Amitufo and his Pure Land.

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      Thanks for letting us know about your inspiring spiritual journey, I am very glad that you have found happiness and fulfillment through Amitabha Pure Land Buddhism. The name of Amitabha is truly amazing and inconceivable!

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      Mat Osmond

      Thank you for sharing this, Shoyo. I relate to a great deal of what speak of here.

      Raised in the Anglican Church, I had not much sense of connection to spirituality until I met Buddhism, aged 19. I then spent many years drifting between Buddhist schools, until my Dad’s death, some eighteen years ago, jolted me out of the rather mental, cerebral take on the dharma I’d fallen into.

      All that ‘state of mind’ language fell apart for me as I sat with Dad through the dukkha of his brain tumour. It also led me to encounter a series of Catholic spiritual teachers, and to find a sense of heart connection there was quite new to me – and that thread has remained a pretty constant part of my life ever since.

      Its taken me a long time to understand (if I yet do) that while the language of the Christian mysteries is alive and meaningful for me, it is really Amida Buddhism that presents me with a foundational understanding of what manner of aliveness that might be – one that’s slowly taken root in me, despite my meandering. Funny how we don’t get to choose what we find to be true.

      So whatever forms I might use, for me now they are all expressions and continuations of Namo Amida Bu.  Nianfo is new to me, thanks.

      Happy Easter to you,


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      Good to hear your story Shoyo. I have found many precious Christian teaching/teachers since becoming Buddhist – I am a Pureland Buddhist, but I’m also glad that Amida Shu is broad church! Look forward to hearing more from you _/\_

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