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Monday 8th October

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      Namo Amida Bu. ‘No Abode’, The Record of Ippen, came through the post the other day, and I’m joyfully reading it. I hadn’t realised that ‘Among all living things….’ is a sentence from a letter and that the next sentence reads, ‘It is not human beings alone who share in the all-surpassing vow.’ So I’ve added this sentence to the end of the setting I made which we sang with the choir at Holland House. Now it reads, ‘Among all living things – mountains and rivers, grasses and trees, even the sounds of blowing winds and rising waves – there is nothing that is not the nembutsu. It is not human beings alone who share in the all-surpassing Vow.’ and I’ve called it ‘Ippen’s Letter to Bishop Kogan’. I love the idea of all beings, mountains, grasses and trees all singing the Nembutsu and being included in the Pure Land. I told Ian about it. He was non-plussed as he always read it as meaning that anyway, but I’d read it as all those things singing it for others’ benefit and gaining nothing themselves (although this is also true on another level, I guess) – how limited my reading was! Whooosh! (That may be ‘Namo Amida Bu’ in wave language).

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      Jan Wizinowich

      Aloha e Andrew;

      I love your thinking here. I can really connect with the poem / song as in Hawai’i we are connected closely to all of nature as we humans are of the land. To me the amazing mystery of the natural world that is our origin is Amida. Mahalo again for allowing me to sing with you. It was a highlight of my trip. Namo Amida Bu, Jan

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      Hello Jan, lovely to hear your words on Ippen’s poem from an Hawaiian point of view. Listening to the earth then becomes listening to Amida, I suppose. It was great meeting you. Your comment about following the heart continues to resonate with me. It was lovely having you and your voice in the choir. Namo Amida Bu, Andrew

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