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    On a still, sunny day, like today, this is my favourite time of the year. I love working among the trees on our allotment. Today I pruned the upper part of the quince tree. I like to keep it to a height where I can reach all the fruit without a ladder. There are lots more trees and bushes to prune up there, which makes me feel quite happy. Namo Amida Bu.

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    Steve Durham

    My wife and I went (along with a group from my Quaker meeting) to see the movie “Green Book” a week ago.  I don’t know whether this will be showing in European cities, but if it is, we highly recommend it.  The “Green Book” is the actual title of a booklet showing African American travelers through the Deep South in the U.S.  in the 1950s and 1960s where they could safely stay for the night and where they could stop to eat.  “Jim Crow” laws heavily segregated such places during this time period.  The movie tells the (true) story of a quirky African American gentleman who is about to go on a concert tour of the Deep South in 1962 and who wants a driver.  A white bouncer shows up for the j ob, not knowing his future employer is black.  The story tells the often amusing story of their adventures and misadventures, and ultimately the crisis which tests the humanitarian mettle of the white driver.  It is often funny, sometimes quite moving, and always thought-provoking.  Namu Amida Bu _/|\_

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    The film sounds great Steve – thanks for the tip. I’m with you on the books! Andrew – will ask your pruning advice for our plum when you’re next here 🙂

    A good week here, I can’t believe it’s the first back since Xmas, full on. Lots of clients and work on my book and today I did a Dharma talk for a new bunch of people. A couple more meetings today and then it’s the weekend… Pizza ready in the fridge 😉

    Appreciating our community today – those near and far, regular visitors and occasional. Namo Amida Bu.

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