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    Namo Amida Bu. I was at work yesterday but managed a mindfulness exercise while I packed some rolled oats. Today I did a provisional plan for a mindfulness session on Friday then made a dharma talk for the Leicester Home Group on Thursday on the theme of Metta, which came to mind partly because of leading a metta bhavna meditation last week and partly from talking to my Auntie Dorothy on the phone – she suggested I read the Epistle of John in the Bible, which has a major focus on love in the Christian community – and partly from a few other things which all coincided, due to the intervention on the part of a Bodhisattva, I’d like to think. This morning I was in town buying thick socks. Most of my existing pairs are all wearing out at the same time and I need such socks for work, as I stand all day on a concrete floor there.

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