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    Monday again and our shared Nembutsu day. How will you take part today?

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    Glorious morning. I’m sitting admiring the view of mountains in the distance, writing an Order of Service and Ceremony document for Amida Scotland’s Bodhi Day Retreat on Saturday

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    Steve Durham

    A cold and rather gloomy day in Chicago.  A friend of mine thrives on such days; but while I appreciate the occasional cloudy, rainy or snowy day, I miss the sun!  Last night we saw “A Christmas Carol” for at least the 20th time.  We used to take the kids every year.  The sets were wonderful, the acting … well, it depends on the character.  I found the Scrooge character quite disappointing — his version of “acting” was to talk loudly (practically yell) or else mutter so that he could hardly be understood.  And I’m enjoying “The Unhindered Path” by John Paraskevopoulos for the third time!  Namo Amida Bu _/|\_

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    Sometimes I have lots of company on the path, other times I seem more alone. This week I have been revisiting my practices, exploring what resonates with me now. I have gone back through the Pureland writings which have most influenced me, first, Shinran, with his deep listening, true entrusting and spontaneous hymns of praise (and I found how these practices and experiences chimed with my experiences in Christianity) then Uchiyama Roshi. I am doing short zazen sessions following Uchiyama Roshi’s instructions for zazen in order to gain more insight into his teachings on Pureland. Here is a hymn which emerged as a result:

    Deep Listening

    The attitude of zazen

    Is vow and repentance,

    Amida and bombu nature,

    True entrusting.

    The attitude of deep listening

    Is vow and repentance,

    Amida and bombu nature,

    True entrusting.

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    Lovely to hear from you all, across the globe.

    I skived work this morning to go to the Malvern Vegans coffee morning, chocolate and beetroot cake and mince pies for me pre-lunch snack!! That was after some writing, and before my weekly meeting with Kaspa, so not a TERRIBLE skive. I am starting to feel a bit holiday-ish, only a few weeks left til Christmas…

    Looking forward to the Bodhi retreat on Saturday very much – it’s been a while since we all got together. We’ll send blessings out to those who are too far away from Malvern to attend (unless you’re near Perth and can go to Sujatin’s, or Belgium for Varja’s, or Canada for Prajna’s…) Namo Amida Bu x

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