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Monday 29th April 2019

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      So April is nearly gone and we enter the warmer months, hopefully. I love this time of the year and know I take refuge in the warmth and feelings of summer. But like everything it soon passes and we face autumn and winter. I try to tell myself that there is beauty in the colours of autumn and the frost of winter. Still I cling to the warmth of summer, like most people I cling to what pleases me and try to avoid what doesn’t. Although I do think if I don’t look for happiness in those other seasons I will waste so much of the little time I am given in this life. Watching my ex wife battle with a terminal illness reminds me that we need to enjoy every second we are given. Equally if we can learn to let go it would make things so much simpler. That said letting isn’t something I’ve learned and not sure I ever will.

      Namo Amida Bu.

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      I’m sorry to hear about your ex-wife Andrew. And yes I identify with liking summer better than winter – I don’t think we’re the only ones! – AND yes so good to find the good bits in whatever is happening.

      It feels a while since we’ve done a Monday nembutsu – a little ritual that I miss. A weekly check-in here feels like a good thing for me to do. All our routines have gone a little out of the window since Aiko arrived, and now that she’s been here a month we’re finding new ones. Our cat Roshi is struggling the most with Aiko at the moment as he won’t stick around for long enough to find out that she’s only chasing him because she wants to play… it’s so hard not to be able to explain. There are some things we can do, and the rest we have to leave in Amida’s hands… not easy.

      Sending blessings to all, thanks for starting the thread Andrew, Namo Amida Bu.

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