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    Namo Amida Bu! I really enjoyed the Malvern Temple Community Choir on Saturday, then Ian and me had a walk together on the hills, getting back down just in time before the rain got heavier. This morning I had to do some unexpected planning for a practice client for my hypnotherapy course, so I missed out on my usual puja, but as part of the mindfulness course I am studying I stopped my last PC session 10 minutes early and sang a hymn. This afternoon I regrounded myself by working on some pruning on the allotment. Then it started to rain more heavily so I returned home.

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    Thanks for starting the thread Andrew. I had a good time at choir too! I haven’t done anything in the garden for a long time… I’m looking forward to getting into the rhythm of that again. Clients for me today, and I just finished the final proofread of my new book so just have to sort out a cover now and send it off to our publishers… Namo Amida Bu, love to all.

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