Monday 26th November 2018

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    Today I will recite Namo Amida Bu. This is to remind me of the Buddha and the love the Buddha has for me just the way I am. The only thing as a foolish being that I need to do is Nembutsu.

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    Thanks Andrew. It’s always inspiring to hear a sincere and heartfelt desire to practice. Today I will address my desire for pleasure and escape from discomfort.

    “Mara, your forces are not of the world and cannot be defeated externally; only our insight can constrain your force.”


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    Not sure how much insight I have today, Dayamay, and Mara usually gets a look-in. I’m feeling a little discomfort in my feet from the cold and remembering how in Yoga Nidra the leader made us feel warm or cold with the power of the mind – it wasn’t all that hard, really, though I’m not so good at it on my own – I think of Milarepa in his thin cotton robe in the winter snows of Tibet. Today, I’m desiring to get down to work but I’m also recording my experiences in various places on the internet.

    On Saturday morning, for the first time in two years, no-one was available for Malvern Temple Community Choir. Back home, I did some body-breath-voice work, then recorded this puja onto youtube:

    It’s in three parts which can be sung in succession or layered together. I’m singing pujas in the morning at the moment, like this one, incorporating Amida’s names. They stay with me through the day with the odd gentle nudge.

    Namo Amida Bu

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    Namo Amida Bu, good to hear from you all. Attempting a quiet week here, a cold bug lurking in the background, I think, and my head is still swirling a little from my course last weekend. It feels good to listen to what I need and trust that it’s okay to take it more gently. Looking forward to service tonight – I’m lucky to be able to practice with others so often.

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