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    Yesterday I started week six of the mindfulness course I’m following at the moment and began a week of Metta Bhavna. It’s ages since I’ve done any and the version I am following is new to me. I found it really moving. I really don’t wish myself well very much, so it was a powerful experience. It reminded me of the first time I did it on a week long retreat at Sharpham, when a demon appeared in my mind, uncoiled and became a naked, vulnerable human. Later, I did the practice as part of a cycle of four practices at Samye Ling and while I was doing walking meditation there, all divisions disappeared for a short while. So, I’ll sing Namo Amida Butsu as a praise hymn and do some more Metta Bhavna later. With all this mindfulness I could forget my central practice of still, silent contemplation but Samantabhadra and Amitabha won’t let me, I think – Namo Amida Bu!

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