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    I’m catching up with written work for my hypnotherapy course today. I did a nembutsu puja this morning. I find it grounding for the day. After getting half way through the current question paper in draft form I got out for a walk before it got dark. It was an opportunity for my mind to quieten and welcome in the light and life. An internet scam with resultant calls to the bank to sort it out was an unwelcome interlude. Each time I learn a new hazard I find that next time the hazard presents itself in a new way. Hopefully that’s the latest one headed off at the pass. My PC made a ringing sound when the scam happened. Maybe had it sounded more like a temple bell I might have been brought to sudden awareness before the deed was done. It sounded more like a cash till – which is probably more appropriate if less awakening. Hoping all is well with everyone. Namo Amida Bu.

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