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    It’s got to Wednesday this week before I got to my computer to post my Monday Nembutsu contribution. Yesterday was too hectic. I received my first social media Buddhist hate-message yesterday. There was a picture of the Buddha next to a word I have never read in any sutra and the person writing it had a Buddhist inspired name. Maybe he or she is a Buddha or Bodhisattva but I could have done without it, unless it’s some kind of Bodhisattva-endorsed exposure therapy, the positive results of which will become apparent shortly or longly. This morning I found myself singing a hymn I wrote recently, over and over. I let it happen for as long as it wanted to happen: Where-ever I inhabit or am drawn to, In the presence of everywhere-present Samantabhadra, I already inhabit Amida’s Pureland. So I sit or lie and just be, Not think or do, And experience His presence And mine in the Pure Land – Om Samaya Sattvam, Om Amideva Hrih.

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