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Monday 15th October 2018

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      Caught in heavy rain twice in two days, miles from anywhere and on foot or push bike, I now feel rather chilled and tired. The first time was in Birmingham when I got lost between Bournville and King’s Heath trying to avoid the Birmingham Marathon. In unknown territory I found hardly another soul on the saturated streets to ask advice from. My map was approaching the consistency of papier mache and I had no internet access to turn to. No bus stop I passed displayed a useful direction. On a main road which I was sure was heading roughly towards King’s Heath, I came to a bus stop with a man in it, shrouded in rain gear, looking intently into his mobile phone. He was really kind and helpful and found a bus for me which would at least get me part of the way to my destination. Yesterday it was not raining in a conventional sense in Leicester as I cycled to work in the heavy, school run traffic but the air was filled with a miasma of freezing cold water. When I walked or was stationery it wasn’t to bad, but as soon as I cycled again, very cold water poured down my face. But then there were my co-worker and customers, committed to healthful food and I had the same experience as in Birmingham with the young man, of being helped when feeling a bit alone and lost in a miasma of cold water. Namo Amida Bu!

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      Johnathan Robertson

      We’ve finally started having some chilly days here in Baltimore. Its been a busy and rough few weeks but I got the first round of classes done this semester. I had a lot of fun in my Communication Theory class where I wrote an essay on symbolic interactionism and Pureland Buddhism. I hope everyone is having a good fall so far. 🙂 Namo Amida Bu

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