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    Transmigration in Samsara. There is something very beautiful about an orchard in January. I wasn’t intending to prune this morning but there was a mouse in the humane mouse trap which needed releasing on the allotment. Then there was no mouse, the trap was empty, but I was on the allotment. The air was damp, then it rained. I pruned in the rain and sheltered in the shed from time to time. The rain made the prunings a beautiful deep purpley red. Badger action is so intense now that areas are compacted, slippery mud with pits which I need to look out for. Not doing the Internet yesterday was an effective habit-interrupt and I was able to delete most of today’s 68 emails without looking at them. This is my impression of reality made virtual and shared through temporary abundant oil and electricity, but really it’s just transmigration in Samsara. It’s not too difficult to take refuge in reality – the blades of grass in the orchard were doing it with ease, and everything was becoming Buddha with Amida – Namo Amida Butsu!

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