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Monday 12th November

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      Monday Nembutsu. I will spend 30 minutes chanting at the temple this evening. Silently as others meditate. Hope they feel the Nembutsu.

      Namo Amida Bu.

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      Monday Nembutsu. I am feeling invigorated this morning. I am enjoying my experimentation with the practice of continuous nembutsu. I try to keep the Buddha in mind as I do my daily tasks. After reading that wonderful post of Dharmavidya’s teaching “Meditation with Nembutsu”, I intend to incorporate this silent sitting more in my own practice. Also I’ve discovered my practice of nembutsu has revitalized my artistic practice. When I am depressed I tend to stop doing art, but since I started the 30 days of nembutsu course I find I have enough joy and motivation to do my artwork.

      Namo Amida Bu!!

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      This morning as Daniël – my partner – was away very early bringing his grandchildren to school – I felt more ease at chanting out loud in stead of silent nembutsu. Yes, I too did like Dharmavidya’s talk about silent nembutsu combinated with breathing in and out. My mind is most of the time very much distracted and this combination of nembutsu and breathing can help me. Most of the time I’m thinking about how lucky we are to know and be loved by Amida, how wise and fool of love he is, how grateful I am, thinking about the sangha and others who are chanting at the same moment, the golden chain, people all over the universe and in former ages who where chanting, thinking about the Pureland and his qualities, asking help and saying tank you, longing, praying, what a bombu I am and how happy we are to know the Buddha as a foo. Now I will try to be more with every word and with the air coming in and out of my body and lungs, I feel this brings hapiness in my hearth. Namo Amida Bu

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      Johnathan Robertson

      A busy week ahead but I’m looking forward to it! Namo Amida Bu

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      I seem to have got drawn into work this morning rather than starting with my writing, which is what I intended – after I’ve written this, I’ll go and make a cup of tea and start again!

      It’s really lovely to hear from different voices here. Like Vajra I can imagine you all doing nembutsu across the globe. This morning I had to leave our morning meditation as my throat was too tickled by the incense (it’s been sore this weekend) so I’m glad I have a habit of starting the day with five minutes of the prostrations chant nembutsu, it plugs me in at the start of the day and helps me to remember the Buddha a little bit as the day goes on.

      On Thursday I’m travelling to Sheffield for a psychotherapy training – Internal Family  Systems. I’ll be staying with Sundari and Bhaktika who some of you may know – I’m looking forward to it and also have some trepidation, a group of 30 people I don’t know, a tutor I haven’t met, 5 days together… Let’s see how it goes! Must remember to take my mala with me…

      Sending love to all, Namo Amida Bu.

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      Steve Durham

      It’s bitterly cold here in Chicago this morning.  Wind chills are far below freezing.  I worry about the homeless on mornings like this, above all about those who didn’t make it to a shelter last night.

      Currently I’m re-reading “The Unhindered Path” by John Paraskevopoulos, and am looking for other good Pure Land reads.  I just finished “On the Brink of Everything,” by Parker Palmer, and honestly was disappointed by it.  I was hoping one of the more publically visible Quakers — I’m a Quaker — would do better than that.  Oh well, what’s going on with me when I want someone to vicariously “succeed” on my behalf??  I’d better take that one to Amida for more Light!  Namo Amida Bu _/\_

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      Keep warm Steve! Sorry to hear you were disappointed by Parker Palmer’s most recent book – I am in love with him at the moment (and Gerald May) and forgiving him everything, but I do think it was one of his weaker ones. Pureland reads… there aren’t many!! By the Old Walls of Kyoto (Harold Stewart) is good, dense, and difficult to find. I find more Pureland rhetoric in Christian books these days… it isn’t PL but my favourite Buddhist book is Zen Encounters with Loneliness by my dear friend Terrance Keenan. You might like mine, on refuge from a PL perspective, but I’m only half-way through writing it 🙂 if you’d like to be an early reader, do let me know. Good to hear from you. Namo Amida Bu.

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      Taking a break from chanting I did free-form silence this morning in front of the shrine. It was nice to feel the space, whatever it may contain. Since my powerful experience of puja in front of the Kuan Yin shrine in the guest room at Amida Mandala last week I have revisited past nembutsu pujas in my hymn books (there are now 19 of these which I have made since 2016, I pulled one out at random and it had 124 hymns in it – Milarepa is a hero of mine but I don’t think I’ll make his total – and anyway, this is just what I do at the moment, who knows what I’ll be drawn to do next – I may not have Milarepa’s staying power after all – I most certainly do not!) I sang the first one this morning after meditation and it gave real direction to my day, I can still feel its effects now in the late afternoon. I dug out my old Tri Ratna puja book and was inspired to make a few more nembutsu pujas. Dory Lake did some lovely ones for the old Nottingham Tri Ratna choir. If you get a chance to listen to any of them, do try. I particularly like her realisation of the Shakyamuni mantra in two parts. You may have heard it and taken part in it if you have been led in practice by a woman from the Tri Ratna tradition as it has become something of a classic in Tri Ratna.

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      Meant to post this yesterday. Early morning dog walk in the rain and mud with one dog  rather yappy . All the while reciting nembutsu internally. Nothing matters and a sense of joy.

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      Wrote this down once back in car meant  to post this Monday. Early morning dog walk in wind, mud and rain with one dog particularly yappy  all  the while practicing internal nembutsu . Nothing matters and a sense of joy. Nembutsu became my umbrella

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