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    From having to motivate myself to fill acres of time, this week I’ve so much scheduled I have to motivate myself to stop and take a break. This is really important. I really feel the importance of offering myself loving kindness at the moment, and I’m trying to make this the focus of my practice right now. It helps if I keep coming back to awareness of the underlying benevolence of reality, symbolised for me by Amida Buddha and Samantabhadra (who I find a beautiful personification of the Vow). Namo Amida Bu!

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    We had a busy couple of days at the end of last week. Baking cakes interspersed with my other usual work on Friday, and then on Saturday a first timers service in the morning and the cake sale and competition in the afternoon.

    The sale was great fun and I unexpectedly won the cake competition, which was a real surprise 🙂

    It left me feeling tired through the weekend, and our rest day on Monday, although Satya and I did manage to get to a local Zumba class on Monday night. Zumba! There’s a part of me that worries about what people might think of me as a man going, but I really enjoy it! An hour of dancing, so good for the body and it doesn’t feel like exercising.

    This morning was a morning of catching up on emails, and taking some more steps in the Buddhist Action Month project that I am facilitating for NBO.

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