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Monday 10th September

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      The weekend goes so quickly. Birmingham service on Saturday was nice.

      Nano Amida Bu.

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      I’m enjoying singing my new Nembutsu chant in my head as I go around. I’m thinking of it as like Ryokan’s full moon, a thing to focus on rather than my minds endless, unchecked, mostly counter-productive chatter, and, like the full moon, I’m thinking of it as a light, shining on and through me. The metaphorical Buddhas metaphorically sang it to me on the train last Thursday and I’m glad I listened as its been a joy to sing ever since. Namo Amida Bu!

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      Glad service went well Andrew N. Sounds lovely Andrew C, look forward to hearing the tune.

      This week I feel unmotivated and although the jobs I need to do are getting done, I’m struggling to do any writing. I’ve allowed myself to stop trying and read til lunch – I’m reading a lovely book by Gerald G May, ‘Addiction and Grace’, and thought I’d share this paragraph.

      “One of the powers of the faith community is its capacity to provide a lasting steadiness through all the waverings of its individual members. When I cannot pray, the prayer of countless others goes on. When I am complacent, others are struggling. When I am in conflict, others are in peace. Most important, when I cannot act in loving ways, there are those in my communities who can.”

      That brings solace to this wavering feeling-lazy person! Namo Amida Bu, love to all.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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