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    Today as I practice Nembutsu I will remember the bodhi retreat on Saturday. Wonderful being at the temple and sharing with the sangha.

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    This morning I did a short zazen then read Ryokan, then did a ‘Butsu’ buzzy voice warm up with windscreen wiper feet, then did a puja thinking about welcoming Amida in, then a 20 minute zazen style deep listening. The Bodhi retreat at Amida Mandala was lovely and it’s informing my practice today.

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    Good to hear from everyone. I just finished the 2nd draft of my book on refuge which will be called ‘Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism’. I’ve sent it to Dharmavidya and Kaspa for comment. Hurray! (and it means I get to relax over Christmas before I start the final proofread).

    Off to lunch with Caroline later to celebrate. I love being a writer at moments like this, not so much the rest of the time!

    Namo Amida Bu, love to all.

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