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    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been reading a lot on Pure Land and Zen the last year or so. I have dabbled with Buddhism for years, but really finally got more serious about it about two years ago.  I was originally studying Tibetan Buddhism, but I found it wasn’t working for me.  Honestly, I was getting very very confused.   I somehow stumbled upon Zen Buddhism.

    I’m a member of the online Sangha now at Treeleaf and I’m sewing a Rakasu for Jukai.  (sp?)  I’ll be hopefully taking my refuge vows in January with them.

    I also go to an Episcopal Church.  I just recently got confirmed at our local parish after going there about a year.  I find the double-belonging of being with both paths very meaningful.  I tend to interpret a lot of Christianity through a Buddhist lens.  Jesus as a Bodhisattva, for example.. and “God the Father” as Amitabha.

    I still want to dive more into Pure Land Buddhism and learn more.  This is the first actual community I’ve joined. Thank you for having me here. 🙂

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