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Making connections between mindfulness and meaning.

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      Open Retreat 7-8 March 2020 in Frasnes-lez-Buissenal

      Organised by : Amida Belgium – and with Susthama Kim (UK)

      Mindfulness has gained popularity in recent times as more and more people realise that they can train and work their minds as much as they can strengthen their bodies by working out. Mindfulness meditation is now the mental equivalent of going to the gym. Great for stress reduction and anxiety.

      Is that enough though?

      However much it can improve one’s mental well-being one needs more than just being aware of one’s surroundings to live a meaningful life. In this retreat we will explore and meditate on the original meaning of the Buddhist term for mindfulness. We will work together through some practical exercises and share our findings with each other to help make connections between living a fulfilled life and being mindful. We will learn two different spiritual practices that will help deepen our understanding of our experience as ordinary people. In this retreat, we can let our guard down and open our hearts to a source of love that accepts us just as we are, warts and all.

      Susthama will lead the retreat. The retreat will be accompanied in English, a basic understanding of English is necessary, but there are possibilities to have some sharing in English, French and Dutch + there are people who can help with some translations.

      Susthama Marian Kim :

      Psychotherapist, trainer in Buddhist psychology, Buddhist priest and Deputy Head of the Order of Amida Buddha. She joined the Amida community under the tutelage of David Brazier in 2003 and has been following in his footsteps ever since. She was one of the first Buddhist chaplains in the National Health Service (NHS) in England to work in a multi-faith chaplaincy team in psychiatric hospitals. She lives with her family in England and works as a Zen therapist, spiritual mentor, and spends some of her time travelling to other Amida Sanghas to deputise for David Brazier, and to run retreats in the Pureland tradition. She is also a trustee for the International Zen Therapy Institute.

      This is an open retreat for anyone who wants to explore further what the meaning of mindfulness or meditation can be in his/her life. Buddhists from other denominations, other spiritual traditions or all who want to explore more about mindfulness are very welcome.

      The retreat will take place 7-8 March in La Colline éclairée – Frasnes-lez-Buissenal (Frasnes-lez-Anvaing – Henegouwen):

      Saturday 7 March  9u (optional meditation) or between 9u45 and 10u to 20u45

      Sunday 8 March at  8u to14u (13u lunch included).

      The amends for (vegan) meals / catering is € 25 plus free donation for Susthama’s retreat guidance and travel costs.

      If you are interested in this retreat please contact Vajrapala by e-mail, Messenger, WhatsApp or phone 0032 69 44 15 07 as soon as possible or at least before 1 March.

      For overnight stays, we hope to find enough rooms and beds in the immediate vicinity in the houses of the neighbours, so let us know in good time whether we should provide a bed for you. You can arrive on Friday-evening if this is helpful for you (and share some more meals with us). On Friday we can pick you up at the train station of Ronse or Leuze if you come by public transport.

      Contact :


      Registrations and practical matters:, whoever comes by public transport, can be picked up at the station of Ronse or Leuze = to consult with Vajrapala please.

      La Colline éclairée is the house of Vajrapala and Daniël, Rue Houssière 34A, 7911 Frasnes-lez-Buissenal, located in the ‘Pays des Collines’ 11 km of Ronse and close to Geraardsbergen, Brakel, Doornik, Ath, Leuze, Lessines. We are situated in a beautiful natural environment, on a hill and surrounded by forests.

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      Vajrapala Moerman

      We had to cancel this retreat because of coronavirus-danger!

      Namo Amida Bu

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