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Lentil & Walnut Loaf

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      I thought some might like this recipe for lentil loaf, it is very simple and quick and can be adapted to suit individual tastes.


      1tbs oil

      1 chopped onion

      1 clove garlic

      2 celery sticks ( can be replaced I sometimes use mushrooms or peppers or add all three)

      175g red lentils

      450ml/3/4 pint water

      100g ground walnuts

      50g whole wheat bread crumbs

      2tbs of fresh herbs (which ever available or you like)

      seasoning to taste (can replace with some mushroom ketchup)

      a few drops tabasco (optional)


      Heat oil and cook chopped onion and garlic until soft, add celery, mushrooms, peppers, lentils & water bring to the boil, cover and simmer until soft (20 mins approx) uncover until all moisture has evaporated.

      Stir in walnuts, breadcumbs, herbs, seasoning and mix thoroughly.

      Line a 1lb tin with foil and oil ( I also sprinkle some seeds but optional), spoon mixture into tine and bake for 45 mins in oven 190 c, 374f, gas 5

      Leave in tin for 2 mins then loosen with a knife and turn out. can be served hot or cold suitable for freezing.

      Hope you enjoy I serve it with roast vegetables and a tomato sauce.

      ~ Rachel

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