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    Jake Slawson

    I am a young man–born in 1998–who has always questioned the deeper meaning of life. For a long time, this was a source of depression and anguish for me. Eventually, I turned to drugs and alcohol to combat these feelings and “slow down” my brain. When this “solution” no longer helped, I sought help through a 12 step program. This program has helped me to find a higher power in my life, which I feel to be Amida Buddha. I have been practicing pureland Buddhism and reading a lot of books by David Brazier for about 8 months now. In addition to my Nembutsu chanting, I find being outdoors and backpacking to be a helpful practice for feeling closer to/accepted by the Buddhas. I am looking for a mentor to help me more deeply take refuge, as well as be more in touch with my bombu nature. There are no Pureland Sanghas where I currently live, so that is not currently an option.  If you’re interested in assisting me, please shoot me an email at jakeslawson298@gmail.com or message me on here. Namo Amida Bu. 

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    Hi Jake – good to meet you. It’s really great to hear that you’ve been reading Dharmavidya’s books. We’re looking forward to welcoming him to our Bodhi retreat in a few weeks time – it’s a shame you’re so far away. You may have already seen the information about our Home Groups scheme where we support people to start their own Amida Shu groups in their area – if you want to talk more about it, email us at hello@amidamandala.com. We’re also in the process of finding you a mentor if you’d still like one.

    Namo Amida Bu!

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