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    Found this in my phone from last year. I remember writing it as my coach passed through some of the outer suburbs of Paris on my way to Eleusis. I’d been travelling overnight, had no sleep and was worried sick about Dharmavidya’s health and how i was going to cope with it all!


    The net of Delusion,

    hypnotizing with sounds, sights

    and the promise of good fortune.


    The city.

    Endless stacks of orderly, quantised bits of space.

    Concretized and impersonal.

    Allocated to busy minds.

    Relegated to the hum drum.


    Youths gather listlessly,

    lethargically skulking,

    clutching mobile phones

    and other extensions of ignorance.


    Reflections of excruciating dissatisfaction.

    These things that serve to enhance

    and also to confound.

    Mara’s empty comforts.


    Namo Amida Bu(   ;

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