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    how are you doing? I’ve tried to send this as a private message to Satya and Adamo, but of course I have failed 🙂

    At the moment, I’ve transalted the summary of faith and a chapter from ”just as you are”. I can post them on these pages, of course
    I was thinking if Adamo would like to create and manage the fb italian group. I can do some other transalation work (it’s something I like to do and I can do it more regularly).
    To be honest, I already have a facebook page (the one for my band) to manage, and I can barely do it (have I already said that, except during work, I’m a really lazy and flicke one? 🙂 🙂 ).
    Let me know about it
    Best whishes

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    Adamo Montalbini

    Greetings to all of you, at this time I took the time to listen, read and practice the thirty-day Nembutsu, this is a beginning and I am grateful for the grace of the power of Amida’s vow. Here in Italy I thank Paolo a lot for his translations, personally I have few computer skills, I would rather live without digital technology, but how do I now discover this web platform ?
    Understand my difficulty, my bad English and the long silences.

    Dear Paolo, I hope soon for a meeting where you can share spiritual practice and your translations with valuable lessons.  Namo Amida Bu


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    Hi Adamo,

    how are you doing? First of all,  than you for your kind words. As I wrote to Satya, my transalations are far from being perfect, but it’s a beginning…well, I guess we can open up a space in this online community with the italian translations of the texts. Here we got the writers and the priests, it’s the better place in my humble opinion.

    Best whishes



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