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Infinite Love is Every Slice and Stir

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      Dharmavidya wrote, on April 13, 2009:

      One of the most famous writings of Dogen Zenji is the :: Tenzo Kyokan, the Instructions to the Cook. The advice in this wonderful text is not just apt for followers of one spiritual path, but is full of universal truth. Here we find the phrase “For the tenzo, the mind which finds the Way actualizes itself through working with rolled up sleeves.” In Pureland we might say that the universal love of Amida become actualized through the sincerity of our everyday tasks. What Shakyamuni taught us is that every moment is a spiritual moment, every thing that happens is a spiritual danger and a spiritual opportunity, hence Namo Amida Bu and “The black dragon’s jewel is found in every wave.”

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      I’d forgotten about Dogen’s instructions for the Tenzo – thanks for the reminder. How difficult (for me anyway) to remember to carry my spiritual practice into everything I do, even these fingers typing away… Namo Amida Bu.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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