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How to chant? (what words to use?)

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      I’ve seen so many different ways to chant.  Are any of them more appropriate than others?

      I know the general chant here is Namu Amida Bu.   (Thank you to a previous poster, I had the same question he did about the ‘butsu’ part.)

      Could someone just chant “Amitabha” alone over and over?  I was wondering about that due to the Chinese “Amituofo.”  Don’t they sometimes just chant that without the “Namu/Namo” part?

      Or could they do it in English?  “Hail Amitabha?” or something to that affect?

      Thank you all.  I get a bit hung up on particulars and like to make sure I’m understanding things correctly.  I appreciate your help.

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      Hi Michael thanks for your question. In our school we use all these phrases and forms interchangeably – as you say we use different languages, shortened versions like Namandabu etc. You can hear some of the others we use regularly at the bottom of this page:

      The most important part is that we are calling out to Amitabha. He’ll hear us, whatever language we are using! We might have a preference for a particular chant, I’m fond of the prostrations chant, for example, that we use in the 30 days course. We might find it helpful to know the same chants as our sangha members, so we can chant together. I also love to know that I’m using the same tune, ie when we chant Namo Omito Fo, that Pureland Buddhists are using in China and have been using for a very long time – it connects me to the long history of our practice.

      Does that answer your question fully Michael?

      Namo Amida Bu _/\_

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      Yeah that does.  I guess I wanted to make sure I was doing it right.   I like the idea, like you said, of being connected to the history.

      Thanks so much 🙂

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      Oh… I had something here… but I didn’t hit submit correctly and it’s all gone.
      I’ll have to come back.
      I’ll also have to check out the other chants at another time.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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