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    Hello! My name is Xavier. I am 19. I struggle with mental illness especially during this time of year. I have been into Buddhism since high school, didn’t start calling myself a Buddhist until a couple years ago, and now I find myself on the pure land path. I have been part of another buddhist forum but it was mostly tiny arguments or firing opinions back and forth on a given topic. I recently purchased the Buddhism For Foolish Beings book and really enjoyed it. When I figured out there was a website as well I was very excited

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    Hi Xavier – welcome! Glad you’ve found your way here. Whereabouts in the US are you? I’m glad you found the book helpful. And yes, Buddhists online can get pernickity & protective of their positions!! Namo Amida Bu.

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    I’m from Illinois.

    I appreciated my time on the other site a lot but recently they have been defensive re: my pure land practice. I assume they don’t think it’s legitimate, or an off branch of Western theism. I struggle a lot with mental illness. Sometimes I see claims you can’t practice Buddhism if you’re mentally ill. Pure land is attractive to me in that regard. But I haven’t been able to get a foothold in my practice. Some days I really feel it. Other days it sounds like a fairy tale to my own ears…. too good to be true.

    What is the 30 day nembutsu course?


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    Hi Xavier,

    Good to hear a little more about you. The 30 Days Nembutsu is a way to get support in your nembutsu practice. There are a couple of recorded chants, encouragement to chant every day and 30 days of supportive emails.

    You can find out more, or sign up for free here: http://www.amidashu.org/30-days-of-nembutsu/

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      thank you for the link! i have put my email in and look forward to practicing…this is just what i needed 🙂

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