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    Hi, my name is Michael and I’m originally from New Zealand. I’m currently living in Pyeongtaek, South Korea (about 60km south of Seoul).

    I converted to Buddhism just over a year ago in New Zealand and developed a liking for the East Asian Mahayana traditions, including Pure Land Buddhism, upon visiting Japan last year.

    I moved to Korea in March this year after getting a job here. I have visited Korean temples and practice Korean Seon (Zen) meditation as well as Amitabha recitation. I am also devoted to Guan Yin and Tara. Like China, Pure Land practice is incorporated into Seon Buddhism in Korea. When I visited the Joygesa temple in Seoul, they chanted “Namu Amita Bul” (the nembutsu in Korean) as part of the service.

    Does anyone know of any groups or centres in South Korea?

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    Hi Michael – good to meet you. I’m afraid we’re still a small organisation (although pretty international) and so we haven’t reached Korea yet – we do have materials for people wanting to set up a Home Group if you’re interested in doing that at some point. We are also in a strong relationship with Quan Yin in this tradition. I know less about Tara but that feminine energy feels important. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Korea!

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