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Hello from North Wales

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      Alex Merry

      Hello, I’m new here.

      I have been a Zen practitioner for the last 2 years and also done some Samatha (Theravada) meditation and study. Somehow, something hasn’t quite sat 100% right though and I have continued to search for the perfect practice and tradition. Perhaps, this is something many Buddhists do.

      I have been looking for a warm and friendly Sangha and I tripped across something online about Pure Land Buddhism, extolling it’s beauty, simplicity and acceptance of people ‘just as they are’.

      Something was calling me. I searched on google, that brought me to Amida Shu 🙂

      I have started chanting Nembutsu for maybe 20 mins per day and I love it. I’m reading ‘Just as you are’ and it truly resonates. I feel as though I am coming home.

      Anyhow, Namu Amida Bu !




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      Hi Alex,
      I have just joined, and have had similar experience, though spread out over 10yrs with gaps inbetween. Triratna, Western Chan Fellowship, London Buddhist Centre for Zen practice and Theravada at the Amravati Monastery. Nothing sat quite right with any. I am half way through the 30 Day Nembutsu Course and loving it. Namo Amida Bu

Viewing 1 reply thread
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