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Hello from North Wales

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      Alex Merry

      Hello, I’m new here.

      I have been a Zen practitioner for the last 2 years and also done some Samatha (Theravada) meditation and study. Somehow, something hasn’t quite sat 100% right though and I have continued to search for the perfect practice and tradition. Perhaps, this is something many Buddhists do.

      I have been looking for a warm and friendly Sangha and I tripped across something online about Pure Land Buddhism, extolling it’s beauty, simplicity and acceptance of people ‘just as they are’.

      Something was calling me. I searched on google, that brought me to Amida Shu 🙂

      I have started chanting Nembutsu for maybe 20 mins per day and I love it. I’m reading ‘Just as you are’ and it truly resonates. I feel as though I am coming home.

      Anyhow, Namu Amida Bu !




Viewing 0 reply threads
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