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Hello from Glossop, UK

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      Dhammacari Caldwell

      Hello everyone

      My name is Dhammacari (or Lisa) whichever you prefer.

      I have trodden a winding path to reach here. For the greater part of my life I was a Christian. I became a chorister at an early age and that seemed my path. I struggled and struggled logically with Christianity – such a fault-based teaching doesn’t sit well with someone like me who can be very self-critical and perfectionist.

      Since I left I have spent time with the Theravada tradition (where I was given my name). So why the move to Pureland?

      Love. Compassion. Both of which are missing in the ascetism of Theravada. And, most importantly, Amida Buddha’s acceptance of me right where I am now. I am hard enough on myself without teachers and teachings telling me to strive harder and harder to reach nirvana.

      Amida Buddha says come, rest, chant, repeat my name. You are where you need to be. You are welcome.

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      Namo Amida Bu. You are very welcome, Dhammacari – EXACTLY as you are 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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